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A Summer in Puglia by Lavinia Cernau

A Summer in Puglia by Lavinia Cernau

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of Italy and its charm. Back in hot July, Puglia welcomed us with bright whites and rich honey palettes and the Italian dolce far niente that never goes out of fashion.  

"Puglia welcomed us with bright whites, rich honey palettes and Italian dolce far niente"

We happily embraced it and took the time to wander the narrow streets of its ancient little towns all the while soaking up the sun on its coastal beaches. Pasticceria, focaccia and orecchiette became our second language and it’s safe to say that the sweetness of la vita pugliese will be on our minds way until the first rusty leaves of autumn hit the ground.  

MonopoliOstuniAlberobelloConversanoPolignano and Torre a Mare were among the towns we managed to see a little bit of, as we didn’t want to be on the rush but enjoy everything at a slow pace. Loved seeing locals mind their own business and gather in piazzas towards the end of the afternoon when the sun was less fierce to talk nothing and everything; adored witnessing their daily habits and seeing small details of their homes, with the ubiquitous laundry hanging out to dry; I even had a charming local asking for a photo as we strolled the centro istorico of Conversano in search for what proved to be a not so light dinner, how else, when you’re vacationing in one of the most delicious regions of Italy?!  

We stumbled upon the inviting Vita Pugliese, a go-to ristorante for an authentic mix of Mediterranean and Puglian dishes, then made our way to Caffe dell’Incontroa place of tradition and retro charm for a taste of the real gelato artigianale. 


Another must, away from the cliff-top setting and the tides of tourists swarming the beautiful Polignano a Mare, sits Ristorante da Tuccino, an old fashioned charming establishment with a modern twist that opened its doors in 1968. We arrived on its terrace just as the sun sank into the Adriatic, making for quite a spectacle while we were relishing the freshest, elegantly served seafood dishes. 


Puglia, just like any other region of this beautiful land, leaves you yearning to come back, hop into a charming little Fiat and wander the dusty roads full of history and tradition. I can’t wait to return. 


Lavinia Cernau is a self-taught photographer based in Transylvania, Romania who has photographed for clients including Conde Nast Traveller, Aman and Penhaligons London. @lavinia_cernau



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