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Gelcream x La Gent

Gelcream x La Gent

We love coming across creatives with a unique perspective. Yana Sheptovetskaya aka Gelcream certainly fits the bill. Amongst the sea of "me too" beauty bloggers her aesthetic stands out for its simplicity and authenticity. Its hard to convey how what essential is a photo of beauty product, which a thousand other people have also shot,  can stop you in your tracks....Her photos convey emotion and somehow tell you something about the person behind the lens.

When I saw Yana's series on 'drinks' I knew straight away I wanted to work with her and what resulted is the series Gelcream X La Gent which we are delighted with. 

Bellocq Afghani Chai

We caught up with Yana to get the lowdown on Gelcream;

So what's the idea behind Gelcream and how did you get started ?

I fell in love with beauty when I worked at Vogue Russia and AnOther Magazine. I saw all the little lipsticks, perfume bottles arriving for the beauty editors and it was mesmerising. I still feel like I am more excited about the experience rather than by the actual effect - this is why on Gelcream I focus on beautiful packaging, interesting application, new forms. I am also a big fan of Alexey Brodovitch and his era of art direction, I think it influences my work a lot. 

Ferm Living Ripple Glass 
"LA is cinematic, the light is beautiful and I just love to drive around with music at sunset"


Where are you based ? 

I moved to LA exactly a year ago and I am in love with the city.  LA is cinematic, the light is beautiful and I just love to drive around with music at sunset. 
My second favourite cities are London where I spent 7 years of my life and NYC which I only started to explore but it’s so unique. My dream is to visit Tokyo, hopefully in 2018.


I have 24 hours in L.A, what would you recommend I see, do, eat, drink ?

For me perfect 24 hours in LA is not to rush anywhere. The biggest mistake is to try to see LA In one day. I would just get a to-go bagel at Bagel Broker, eat it on the beach and maybe drive around beautiful residential areas of Pacific Palisades up to Mulholland Drive. 


What's the vision for Gelcream ?

Gelcream is a vibe, I want it to keep that way incorporating more music, films, beautiful products and people. I would love to open a physical space, a cocktail bar. 

"Gelcream is a vibe"

 Katz Ceramics

Regime Des Fleurs

Yana can be found at  @gelcream  @yanash

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