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Are You Looking For Gifts For Design Lovers?

Are you looking for a gift for your friend that is design obsessed, creative and who appreciates beautiful things? Do you want something that will make them smile, along with being unique and memorable? Finding the perfect gift for someone can be overwhelming. This is where unique design gift ideas come in handy. From clothing and accessories to furniture and artwork, there are plenty of options available online that make the best gifts for creative friends.

Design Gift Ideas to Spark Passion

First things first, when buying a design gift for a creative personality, always get something that will reflect their interests and spark their inner passion. For example, if they are into photography then consider getting them a new camera lens or editing software for their phone or computer. Or perhaps they love art and craft, so gifting them painting supplies or art books would ignite their creativity. If they are into interior design, then they may appreciate beautiful,
high quality home furnishings.

Design Gifts  

Best Gifts For Travel Loving Friends: A Travel Experience

For those that love the finer things in life and who love to travel the world, consider getting them an experience full of memories. Whether that is a plane ticket to somewhere they have always wanted to go. A guide book full of tips, itineraries and must see places mapped out. Or maybe hire them a luxury rental apartment for the weekend. This way they get to explore, see, taste
and experience their gift. This is a gift that they will remember forever.
For those who love to take notes whilst travelling, consider buying them a beautiful journal or sketchbook. This way they can keep track of all the places they have been and all the places they want to go. They will be able to document their travels with sketches, notes and photos. For the traveller who loves to document their adventures, consider buying them a camera. This
way they can capture all those moments that they would have otherwise missed. If you are feeling especially generous, why not buy them a drone so they can take some amazing aerial shots?

 Unique Travel Gifts

Best Gifts For Creative Friends: Plan An Art Activity;

If your friend is a creative type, then the best gift is one that sparks their imagination. A painting class or an afternoon of pottery making will be sure to get them excited. Classes can be taken in person or online providing a wider scope of flexibility for your gift. Art classes span from traditional watercolour to modern painting techniques. If your friend is into more advanced art, why not take them to an exhibition or a gallery? You can spend an afternoon walking around looking at artwork together and discussing which ones you like best. If you want to give a gift that will last, then consider giving a membership to an art
studio or museum. This way, they can visit regularly and enjoy the benefits of being part of the community.You can also gift creative kits or art supplies to stock up your friend's studio and allow their design mind and creativity juices to flow. Providing your loved one with some gifts for design inspired ideas that they may have had will ensure you are in the good books.


Best Gifts For Foodie Friends: Cookery Classes

When you think about the best gifts for a foodie, it should be something that they can get their taste buds into. A gift card to one of their favourite restaurants is always appreciated or branch out and encourage them to try somewhere new. If your design loving friend loves to eat out then
choose a beautifully designed restaurant that is filled with interior design inspiration and awe in
every corner. Booking your loved one a cooking class is also a great idea. You can give them the opportunity
to learn new skills and enjoy the experience of learning and creating. An intimate lesson with a private chef is a great way to spend an afternoon. You could pair this with a gift basket filled with
all the ingredients they will need to create their own culinary masterpiece after they have learned their new skills. Furthermore, consider getting them something that they can use in their kitchen such as a professional grade knife set or a high quality electric mixer.


Best Gifts For Design Loving Friends: Beautiful Homeware

If your friend loves interior design and decorating then they will love a beautiful piece of homeware. You can choose something that matches their personality or very specific tastes.
For example, if they are into modern minimalism then a sleek vase would be perfect for them!

If you are looking for something more traditional then a beautiful lamp or mirror is the way to go. The best part about this gift is that it will never go out of fashion and will always be useful in their home. If you are looking for something a little different then why not try a set of vintage style coasters, they are very popular at the moment and would be perfect for any design lover. They
come in so many different styles and colours so you can choose something that matches their home décor perfectly. If you are looking for something a bit more luxurious, then why not try a crystal wine glass set.
They are always popular with people who like to entertain at home and may also be used on a weekly basis making them practical too. Another practical yet lovely gift is a notebook.
Stationary is a great design gift if you have a friend who loves to write, draw or even just take notes for work. You could also get them a notebook that has some of their favourite quotes or sayings on it to make it extra special.

Glassware gifts

The best gifts for creative friends can be hard to find

Hopefully this article has helped inspire you on your gift finding journey. There are a variety of gift options and ideas for the artistic friends in your life. The best gifts for creative friends can be hard to find but can be the most rewarding to give. You can give them something to help their creative endeavours shine or just something to show them how much you appreciate the things they create.

Unique Gifts for Creative Friends