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Mast Brothers, is one of the most prominent modern bean to bar chocolatiers, founded by brothers Rick and Michael Mast in Brooklyn. Mast Brothers popularized the modern artisan chocolate movement with its sleek  modern retail flagship in Brooklyn, desirable packaging and superior quality chocolate controlled from cultivation of the beans  to production and packaging.

Mast Brother Brooklyn Store

From starting production in their apartments they have expanded production and now based in Brooklyn’s Navy Yards. Mast brother have collaborated with some stellar institutions from The Met to the Paris Review and Calico wallpaper on beautiful packaging and brought out unique flavour combinations including popcorn chocolate, peppercorn chocolate and star anise chocolate.

Mast Brother Paris Review Chocolate

They work with some of the best cacao growing organisations in the world and always purchase the highest grade, organic beans at a fair trade premium from growers in Madagascar, Tanzania, Peru, and Dominican Republic. Mast have worked with legendary chefs including Thomas Keller of Per se and the French Laundry and Heston Blumenthal of the Fat Duck.

Bean to Bar Chocolate Making

Some of their most popular Mast Brother flavour profiles are their coffee chocolate, dark chocolate, milk, almond butter chocolate, and sea salt chocolate. Dark undertones and the deep colour from long roasting gives a unique flavour to the dark chocolate by Mast Brothers. For subtle flavors, the California almond butter chocolate is a perfect choice and perfect chocolate for vegans. Sea salt is a unique blend of cacao with marine salt, the salty flavor of the sea salt flavored chocolate helps bring out the amazingly sweet and bitter taste of the Mast chocolates.

Best Artisan Chocolate

Milk Chocolate is your childhood favourite with a lot less sugar and more organic buttermilk for a creamy smooth texture. The coffee chocolate tastes like a mocha with coffee from Stumptown Coffee.

While Mast Brothers popularized the bean to bar chocolate bar, the process is not that well understood and in essence means a firm being involved in the entire chocolate manufacturing process from sourcing the best beans possible from local farms or co-operatives, drying, transporting and manufacturing the chocolate in-house to ensure strict quality control.  

La Gent is a UK stockist of Mast Brothers and other independent chocolate makers including Casa bosques. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best bean to bar chocolate bars in 2019 and beyond. The best chocolate suitable for all tastes include simple pure dark, milk and chocolate suitable for vegans.