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Hasami Porcelain was born under the direction of Takuhiro Shinomoto of Tortoise General Store in Venice, Los Angeles California, whose innovative tableware range combines a  400 year old tradition of Japanese ceramics in Hasami Nagaski Japan with a functional modernity and utilitarianism. After working as an interior designer in Tokyo for a decade, Takuhiro Shinomoto moved to Los Angeles in 2003 and founded Tortoise General Store and subsequently his range of Japanese pottery, Hasami Porcelain.
Hasami Porcelain Black Teaset 

Centred around a modular concept, Hasami porcelain mugs, bowls and plates are stackable to enable efficient storage and ensure they take up as little of your kitchen space as needed. Hasami ware is made from from a mixture of porcelain and clay for durability and an organic finish. 


Hasami Porcelain Natural Plates

Each piece has natural variations in the finish due to its organic ingredients and the environmental influences at the time of firing reflecting the rich tradition of handmade Japanese pottery and ceramics. Unlike some higher end Japanese earthenware Hasami Porcelain is dishwasher and microwave safe.

 Hasami Porcelain Black Teaset

Hasami Ceramics are available in three finishes, unglazed natural, Gloss Grey and Black matte. As the popularity of the range has increased, the iconic Hasami mugs have grown to a larger selection of Japanese tableware and homeware ceramics including Hasami planters for indoor plants, Hasami incense holders, Hasami coffee drippers and Hasami oak trays. Items from the range can be mixed and matched and are multifunctional. The oak trays can be used as trays, holders or even lids for some of the Hasami bowls and plates. The most popular items are undoubtedly the Hasami mugs which come in three sizes. These are often paired with the Hasami teapot and the rest of the tea set including the milk jug and sugar pot.  

Hasami Porcelain is designed in Venice, California but manufactured in Hasami, Nagasaki Japan to the traditional techniques of Hasami ware. La Gent  London was one of the first stockists of Hasami Porcelain UK and carries one of the largest ranges. Hasami Porcelain is arguably one of the best Japanese ceramics ranges in the affordable, functional and design categories.  


Hasami Porcelain Gloss Grey

Hasami Porcelain makes a great gift for a design aficionado including for wedding gifts and Christmas presents.