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Ischia & Napoli

Thea Løvstad: Ischia & Napoli

"Italy is all about slow living so I would never want to speed
up when there. The slowness allows for many memorable
experiences: those of all the wonderful people I've met, some
very briefly and some whom I had long conversations with, the
breathtaking views, the food (!), dolce vita"
"For me, Ischia is the scent of the mediterranean sea – salty and humid air, the smell of rosemary along the coast.
The constant smell of cooking: onion, garlic, tomatoes...
Being there confirmed yet again just how important quality
produce, tradition and a love for what you do is
in order to create amazing food – and
how much I appreciate this Italian mentality."
"Wake up early. Find the least crowded beach and head straight
there. Stay at the seaside all day reading books, swimming,
eating local fresh fruit and relaxing until the last hour
before the sun sets. End the day with a refreshing shower and
an aperitivo on the terrace whilst enjoying the sun setting over
the horizon."
"If Ischia is ying, Napoli is definitely yang: the constant breeze of cigarettes, strong perfume, rubbish that has been left
out a little too long and the insatiable aroma of pizza and
fritto misto...
This mix of scents always evokes
a sense of comfort – the smell of Italy.
The country I visit every summer and where the locals
tend to be so warm and welcoming..."
"When visiting any Italian city, find the local specialities in
terms of food and wine, and try it!
Visit a winery, any landmark, interesting architecture,
art – anything cultural. Also, walk a lot.
(That's when you could stumble upon interesting things!)
In Napoli, I once saw a man on a motorbike
(without a helmet) holding a two metre long ladder
on his shoulder! The Neapolitan traffic is quite absurd
and seeing that made me smile quite a lot
(as well as it terrified me).
It was pretty crazy..."


Thea Løvstad is a Norwegian photographer, eco-artist and creative based in London. 


All images courtesy of Thea Løvstad.
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