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Interview with No.12 Studio

Interview with No.12 Studio

In a world of designers, creators and more, No.12 studio have a unique take on the practice of interior design. Led by Emma Rayner and Katie Earl, the London based duo combine interior design, interior architecture and creative direction to create "wholly contemporary yet respectfully classic" spaces. Their bold use of concept, materiality and attention to detail provide authentic and unique spaces for people to live, work and play.


Featured in this blog post is No.12's 'Project Samuel' a 1,400sqf new development in London's Kings Cross, where they showcase their interior design & creative direction skills. We sat down with the ladies to discuss their unique perspective on all things design and their vision for No.12.

Your instagram showcases a variety of visual imagery from fashion, interiors, to furniture. Is this type of fluidity the same way you approach projects? Getting inspired from lots of different elements? 

Absolutely. We are inspired by all areas of design, it is paramount to our continued creativity.  We are forever searching for new inspiration and make a point of trying to see as many different exhibitions, visit new restaurants, etc as much as possible. Living in London is such a luxury as we are spoilt with what is creatively available on our doorstep. 


"We have a rigorous approach to create a strong foundation to every project"


What’s the best part of the process for you?

We really enjoy the creative and conceptual process. 
We have a rigorous approach to create a strong foundation to every project. Interrogating and internally challenging our own design concepts constantly through the design process, while maintaining a level of understanding and sympathy to the building, location, client and brief, is key to a successful project. 
It’s a working process that comes only from knowledge, experience and an intuitive ability to curate – quietly, carefully, consistently – with confidence.
Working together and with the team bouncing ideas off each other is so satisfying and love how the design always evolves into something completely unique to each project.


What’s the most important aspect an interior has to do for you? 

- We always strive to create a ‘home’. It may sound a little obvious but a home is something with a soul, a personality, this is what always makes the most successful interior design, when people have an emotive reaction to a space and happily see themselves living there and using the spaces we create - that’s the most important thing. 


What is the most challenging part of running an interior design business? 

Time. We would love to have more time. In running a design practice you have to cover so many different roles in one day. We have to be designers, accountants, managers etc. We enjoy it all, albeit some a little more than others, but time is so valuable and having more would allow us to do more creatively.

What are your aspirations for the company? 

We intend to build on where No.12 is now as a design studio. We have some really lovely projects coming up this year. 
We are due to move to a beautiful studio next month in Hoxton Square, it is very exciting for us to be able to showcase our own space entirely with our No.12 style.



How often are you given carte blanche when it comes to the design of the spaces? Or are your clients quite adamant on certain elements and details? 

With every project it is different, although most of our clients do come to us for because of our design style. We are here to guide people and will always draw what we can from our clients aspirations for their interior. Then from that we grow what we believe is right for the property, the client and the concept. 


"We are eclectic in our approach and this is always evolving"


Is your approach to interior design changing as technology and new methods of making rear their heads in 2018? 

Although responsive to trends and new technologies, we do not intend to provide a reactionary or ‘current’ aesthetic, rather one that is both informed and considered. We are eclectic in our approach and this is always evolving. 
It is lovely to see and use new techniques as they develop but it is never a driving force for us to use them.



What’s your favourite place in london? To either hang out, or get some food/drinks? 

We do love what is happening in king’s cross. We have just completed a project within the new residential development which comprises of a trio of victorian Gasholders surrounding residential cylindrical towers. Just around the corner from this is our favourite bar Spiritland, it has a beautiful sounds system audibly and aesthetically.  



When you’re not designing what kinds of things do you like doing? 

We both try to travel when we can.


"2018 is the year we are going to make time to cross the pond"


Where’s the next place you’re looking to travel to? 

As a studio we will be venturing out to Design Miami and Art Basel. It has been on our bucket list for a long time but it has been such a whirlwind starting the practice over the past couple of years we haven't had a chance. 2018 is the year we are going to make time to cross the pond!


We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of No.12's most recent project: London's first female-only members' club in Bloomsbury called Allbright. Arranged over five floors, the space includes several rooms to cater for the varying needs of '[the] London woman', offering a fresh and elegant colour palette, bespoke furniture by No.12, all paired with a curated collection of contemporary design and elegant vintage pieces.




To satiate your curiosity for beautiful spaces see more of No.12's work at  @no.12studio 

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