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6 Things We Loved this Summer

6 Things We Loved this Summer

Six things on our wish list this summer. 


Gray Malin Prints

For a year round summer feeling, invest in a Grey Malin print framed for your home. Pictured above the reef at Bora Bora.

A Bigger Splash

Beautifully shot by director Luca Guadagnino starring Tilda SwintonMatthias Schoenaerts and Ralph Fiennes and based on the 1969 Italian- French film La Piscina. While the ending is slightly unsatisfying, the characters and setting are sure to make you want to rent a villa in a remote Greek or Italian Island with endless summer days of eating, reading and doing nothing stretched out ahead of you. Watch out for Ralph Fiennes crazy dance scene to the Rolling Stones emotional rescue.

A bigger splash

The Talented Mr Ripley

Yes, it might be 18 years old but nothing echoes an idyllic sun drenched European summer like re-watching this movie. Italy in the 50's, the clothes, jazz, the beach clubs, the intrigue.

"Best watched under the stars with a Campari spritz in hand."

The Talented Mr Ripley

Hotel Les Roche Rouges Saint-Raphaël France

Understated chic luxury hotel on the Côte d'Azur with an ocean pool without the bling of yachts in St Tropez. 

Hotel Les Roche Rouges Saint-Raphaël France

Holiday Magazine Capsule Range

The chic capsule range from Holiday magazine and Atelier Frank Durand. Invest in a sweatshirt to pull on for chilly summer evenings or a fun colourful logo t-shirt for the beach.


Holiday Magazine Sweatshirt


The Fall Guy

The Fall guy is the perfect thriller for reading by the poolside. It starts slow but builds up steam. The setting is a summer house in the Catskills, New York where the protagonist lives in the guest house cooking delicious meals for his couple host. Underneath the pleasant facade, a certain unease begins to build between the characters. 



The Fall Guy

Images Credits: All Image credit to copyright holders


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